Custom website development

Your website will be created with the appropriate number of pages for your use case. You will be the one to produce and offer the content. Text, photographs, galleries, embedded video, forms, PDF/PPT/DOC downloadable files and any other element supported can be used as content. To handle site navigation, all websites contain dynamic menus and sitemaps.

The goal is to enhance your business by developing a conversion-focused web strategy.

To ensure that your visitors can discover the information they need and inquire about your services, your website will combine convention with originality. The development phase is set to high industry standards and will be maintained to reduce vulnerabilities.

Hosted on virtual private server

You can have peace of mind knowing that your website will be hosted on one of the major server companies like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean or Vultr

Full backup

Multiple exact copies of the website will be created and available to use if anything is deleted by accident or if technical difficulties arise in the future

Multi-lingual website

Enable your website users from all over the world to switch the content of your site to their desired language

Enhanced security

By using Cloudflare for your name server, adding login limits and Two-factor authorisation you can rest assured that it will block potential attacks. Those are some of many security measures that are put in place for your website.

Contact forms with conditional logic

By displaying particular fields based on customers answers to other questions, conditional logic in forms ensures that people using the form will only answer the questions that are relevant to their submission.

Animations and Motion Effects

Animations can be easily added without performance loss thanks to Lottie files. They can be synced with scroll or started on click to make them more interactive.

Creation of professional emails and email marketing platform integration

Using Mailchimp or similar email marketing platforms? No worries! You will be able to collect email addresses and send automatic response emails directly from your website.

Fully responsive website

Mobile visitors contribute for up to 55% of your total website traffic. We’ll construct a separate mobile and tablet version of your site to make browsing on these devices a pleasurable experience. We’ll do it by making your site “responsive” to different browser widths.

What are conversion based websites exactly?

They are websites that are more engaging through good design, fascinating content, and solid UX (user experience). It includes considering psychological principles that lead to an increase in taking action (without the use of dark patterns). That will lead to landing pages that keep visitors engaged and on board with what you’re offering. By presenting the right information, your visitors will love your website! – Inspired by Paul Boag

Technology used

To have all the features listed above, WordPress CMS (content management system) is used with good security practices in place. In 2023, it propels around 39.5% of all the websites in the world and 62% of CMS-built websites. That’s over 455 million sites that use WordPress!

In order to make WordPress secure and efficient, only reliable plugins are used, strong passwords are enforced and two-factor authentication is put in place. Everything will always be updated with the maintenance package so you don’t have to worry about hackers on your site.

If all you need is a static landing page then it can be arranged with plain HTML, CSS, and Javascript. There will be no monthly fees for that website (the only fee will be the domain name for around 15-20$ per year)

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Projects on the rise

Online Store

From digital products to large physical items, you can sell anything on your own website with secure transactions, minimal fees and no headache.

Membership Website

Grant access to paid users in order for them to see your curated content.

Online courses

Looking to get in the highly lucrative E-LEARNING industry? No problem! Simply reach the contact section and fill in the form.

Animated landing pages

Impress your users by showing them a true representation of your uniqueness and the quality you offer.