Course Platform App

A modern laptop with online courses.
This project showcases my ability to build dynamic and user-friendly web applications while integrating external APIs. The app enables users to view and participate in video tutorials, while administrators can manage course content through a dedicated portal. The integration with the Unsplash API enhances the visual appeal of the courses.

Digital Natives

Young men in his 20s working on his computer in Bali Indonesia
This project highlights my ability to create dynamic, user-friendly web applications. The app allows users to search for job listings, create new listings, and manage company information seamlessly. Key features include secure user authentication, advanced job listing capabilities, intuitive search functionality, and an efficient job application process. This project showcases my proficiency in using Canvas for design and functionality, and my skills in no-code development.

Product Hunt clone

During the AirDev Bootcamp, I developed a Product Hunt clone using, a no-code platform. This project showcases my ability to create dynamic, user-friendly web applications that cater to the needs of product enthusiasts and developers alike. The platform allows users to discover, share, and discuss new products, mimicking the functionalities of the original Product Hunt.

Trasolini Plumbing and Heating

This website includes a booking form where visitors can choose their preferred time and enter the details needed for the job. Once they confirm, a Zoom meeting will automatically be created and an email with the meeting information will be sent. The owner of the website can select his available times directly in the backend and can also add many staff members.


This website includes a direct checkout link to easily buy an audio file. The client gets an automatically created account to download the file again if needed and can check recent orders.

RPB Industries

This company manages the service related to the sale and the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. The owner can send as many custom made proposals and make the client pay directly on the website.

Lemony by Mia

This website was created to sell a variety of physical products and allowed the artist to have full creative control on her layout.

Suite A201

This website was built in 2019 and enabled the renters to explore the area around the condo and have detailed information of all the amenities through a fully customised layout. The owner was very pleased by the positive feedback she got by potential renters.